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Original products based on various techologies.

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Our Products

Our innovative ideas and approaches to software development have resulted in creating original products based on GPS and Geofence technologies, built mainly for the eCommerce industry.

Athena Search

Athena Search is an advanced search engine with intuitive autocomplete, smart predictions, and customizable UX tools that provide your eCommerce customers with the most accurate and relevant search results.

It represents the perfect software solution for large companies and expert merchants mainly because of its Magento 2 and WordPress/WooCommerce integration and highly customizable dashboard with rich analytics and reports.

Increase conversions, boost your sales, and enable the best search experience by making Athena Search a part of your eCommerce store.

Read more on the Athena Search website .

Work Zone

Work Zone Standalone

Work Zone Standalone is a mobile application, a prototype version based on the technology behind the I’m Here App, for logging employees’ working hours. It uses the GPS technology of your mobile device and the Geofence technology.

The App is customizable, which means that you can set it up based on your preferences. Start by:

  1. Defining a zone
  2. Specifying the workdays
  3. Specifying the working hours

Also, you can easily manage your complete login history.

The App is made thoughtfully, bearing low battery consumption in mind.

Read more on the Work Zone Standalone website.

I'm Here Zone

I'm Here Zone

I’m Here is a Smart Geofencing App based on GPS technology and Geofence technology. At the moment, it is able to trigger Gmail emails and push notifications automatically based on the users’ location. The automation of sending SMS and WhatsApp messages as well is currently in the development process.

The App requires an easy three-step setup:

  1. Draw a zone
  2. Create a notification
  3. Select recipients

As a standalone application, it is used in everyday life for personal needs, and it is free of charge.

Coming soon - an enterprise solution on the principles of the SaaS application. This solution is going to comprise of a Web platform which represents a master application, and mobile devices that represent slave applications.

Read more on our Blog or on the I’m Here website.

Work Zone

Magento 2 Extensions

Syncit Group has developed a number of useful, state-of-the-art extensions for every type of online business. Find the perfect Magento 2 or WordPress/WooCommerce extension and boost the overall performance of your website. Choose the preferred category - Marketing, UX, Cart/Checkout or start typing the search term and let our Athena Search provide you with the most relevant results.

Enjoy the possibility of customizing an extension so it suits your business needs perfectly. Free installation and lifetime updates are just a part of the vast variety of services that go along with each purchased extension.

Find out more on the Magento 2 Extensions website.


More Products

Throughout the years, we have been investing in creating cutting-edge products for personal and business use. With highly-advanced, user-friendly features, Syncit Group products are able to provide memorable experiences with lasting impact.

Decja Posla


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Dečja Posla is an app that complements the customer-to-customer website with the same name. The app enables easy and simple access to the www.decjaposla.rs website, providing a quick and easy way to register. It lets you surf the website with ease, view products, add your own related product ads, exchange messages with other users of the website, as well as abilities to rate and follow other users, contact the website administrators, account set up, and more.

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Decja posla



We have designed and created the official website for the “Dečja Posla” online store. Included on the site itself are the product catalogs, the ability for users to register to the site, create their accounts and add their own ads for products related to the content found on the website. The website also features a rating system, possibility to follow other users, exchange messages and contact website administrators. The website is directly connected to its complementary app.

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Colorify is a digital color book app that features a gallery with lots of images such as florals, animals, buildings, vehicles and many more. It features drawing tools and easy and intuitive controls. With Colorify, you are able to design your own unique work, and share your creations via social media.

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GPS Stats


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GPS Stats lets you track your current location as well as provide GPS information about selected areas. The app displays various information regarding selected geographical points such as address, altitude, latitude, longitude etc. and offers measurements between selected locations. The GPS information can be shared with others via SMS, and the app supports both metric and imperial unit systems as well as satellite and map views.

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