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Syncit Group

We are Syncit Group, a successful multinational IT company comprised of talented individuals from all around the globe. Our goal has always been the pursuit of providing the best possible business services to our customers by creating, developing, and maintaining high quality software solutions that meet all our customers’ needs. We are in constant pursuit of improvement and therefore we are always looking for new ways to improve. We value our clients highly, and we are fully committed to a win-win philosophy built on trust. Our key success traits are adaptability, efficiency, inventiveness, tenacity and technical achievement. We cooperate with companies from around the world including USA, Great Britain, Serbia, Canada, India, and Germany.

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Android Team

Our Android team develops applications for many different clients with flawless execution and ingenuity. The team’s vast experience and formidable work ethic ensure a thorough creation process that has already bred many applications and mobile games which are compatible with any device.


iOS Team

Our iOS team is working on development of mission planning software with way-points and events, that is being used for ground control and aero navigation as a configuration utility. The iOS team specializes in implementing exceptional functional capabilities and developing innovative and robust iPhone/iPad software.


Web Team

Our Web team is using Magento, one of the most highly advanced eCommerce platforms, for development of a number of projects. The team is very efficient in bringing modern design and implementation of high level of security systems regarding client payments and private information. The team is also working on releasing many useful extensions and plugins that can aid Magento website managers by saving their development time and improving the overall experience. These extensions are available for purchase and download at our website. Our eCommerce team uses the Magento platform to develop impeccable eCommerce websites. Given the wide adoption of this platform, our eCommerce team is able to deliver websites that can meet all of our customers’ needs. We bring modern intuitive design elements as well as custom extension development. Our ability to develop and manage these sites brings an added level of safety and security to all our clients. We have corporate offices in North America and Europe and have produced many solutions for our customers in the US, Great Britain, India, Canada, and Germany. Our Web Team has made numerous products and worked on various projects on other platforms as well, notably WordPress/WooCommerce, Drupal, CakePHP, Laravel, JQuery, Vue.js, Angular, and React. With this vast knowledge of various different platforms, our web team is more than qualified and resourceful and can deliver products for pretty much every platform.