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SyncIt Group is a Magento Business Solution Partner since 2019. Our experienced team has been developing a great number of websites with Magento platform since 2014.

We are a professional software development company

Our story is not one purely about coding, it is a story about software engineering.

Employees Since 2013

About SyncIt Group

SyncIt Group is a successful multinational IT company comprised of talented individuals from all around the globe.

Our goal is to provide the best possible business service to our customers by creating, developing, and maintaining high quality software solutions to meet all our customers’ needs.

We cooperate with companies from around the world including USA, Great Britain, Serbia, Canada, India, and Germany.

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Recent Work

We are constantly working tirelessly in order to maintain the quality of our work and to always deliver on customer expectations and ensure customer satisfaction.

Here are some projects that we were working on recently.

Recent Work
Fashion&Friends Airbox Armaspec AR15 DFS Armspay Crystal dental Avidian Blowback Decja Posla Siempreviva Extenso DMG Hexmag Rainier Arms Defense
Im here Mercon Night Ops Nomad p80 pws Rainier Arms Fight My Collections Revolvr Sempreviva Triggrcon Vseven Verda Pay Full Conceal

Our Products

So far we have created a number of products and worked on various projects. We also boast a team of junior developers who are learning by working on our own projects. Our innovative developers ensure that our products are always of state-of-the-art quality.

Decja Posla


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Dečja Posla is an app that complements the customer-to-customer website with the same name. The app enables easy and simple access to the website, providing a quick and easy way to register. It lets you surf the website with ease, view products, add your own related product ads, exchange messages with other users of the website, as well as abilities to rate and follow other users, contact the website administrators, account set up, and more.

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Decja posla


We have designed and created the official website for the “Dečja Posla” online store. Included on the site itself are the product catalogs, the ability for users to register to the site, create their accounts and add their own ads for products related to the content found on the website. The website also features a rating system, possibility to follow other users, exchange messages and contact website administrators. The website is directly connected to its complementary app.

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Colorify is a digital color book app that features a gallery with lots of images such as florals, animals, buildings, vehicles and many more. It features drawing tools and easy and intuitive controls. With Colorify, you are able to design your own unique work, and share your creations via social media.

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GPS Stats


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GPS Stats lets you track your current location as well as provide GPS information about selected areas. The app displays various information regarding selected geographical points such as address, altitude, latitude, longitude etc. and offers measurements between selected locations. The GPS information can be shared with others via SMS, and the app supports both metric and imperial unit systems as well as satellite and map views.

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Im Here


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I’m Here enables you to easily share your whereabouts without needing to pull the phone out of your pocket. It features innovative design and functionality to both Android as well as iPhone geofence capabilities. Users are able to automatically send text messages containing their location status based on geofence location area. Its intuitive design and an array of customizable features provide the users with the best user experience.

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Starting a project, although exciting, is a task that requires thorough planning in order to be executed flawlessly and delivered on schedule. Our experienced developers are our guarantee that our projects will always be of great quality and finished on time.

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Endless Possibilities

Knowledge is power. With the knowledge that we have and the technologies that we support the possibilities are endless. We invite you to come build incredible software with us.

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Is your business lacking eCommerce capabilities? Fret not - we are specialized in eCommerce development and have so far developed many online stores.

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We are experienced in developing high-quality applications for Android and iOS devices.

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