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Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

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In 2019, Syncit Group was acknowledged as a Magento Business Solution Partner, which meant a variety of new opportunities and a motivation to work even harder on finding perfect solutions for our clients’ needs.

Magento 1 has reached its end-of-life, so if your website is still on Magento 1 platform, it is the perfect time to start with the migration process now.

What Does End Of Life for Magento 1 Mean?

If you decide to stick to the Magento 1 platform, there are some issues that you are most likely to face in the near future.

  • Magento stops releasing security patches: it is widely believed that hackers will automatically be hunting out security holes on eCommerce sites that are still on unsupported versions of Magento, which leads to:
    • DDOS Attacks
    • Running Spam Registrations
    • Brute Force Penetration Attacks
  • Magento has announced that it will no longer be rolling out quality fixes nor the improvements to existing core features & functionalities, which means no more:
    • Quality Fixes
    • Third-Party Extensions
  • No Support for the platform or the merchants, which means that if there are any technical issues with your website, it will be hard for you to resolve them quickly as you’ll have to rely on community support and forums.

M1 to M2 Migration Process

The migration process includes the following stages:

  • Installing and running Magento Migration tool - migrating products, product attributes, categories, orders, customers, promotion rules, and static content; checking potential customization of the listed elements and customizing them for the Magento 2 platform
  • Reviewing Magento 1 Extensions - listing all Magento 1 extensions and finding the equivalent Magento 2 extensions
  • Magento 2 Hardware Recommendations and Technology Stack Requirements
  • Installing Magento 2
  • Configuration Settings - verifying all settings in the Magento 2 Admin
  • Backend Migration - migrating the custom backend code, provided there is one, and customizing it for the Magento 2 platform
  • Theme Migration - migrating the design and customizing the frontend code for the Magento 2 platform
  • Troubleshooting - fixing all potential issues with tags, arguments, and URL rewrites

Our Offers

You can choose the migration speed and scope that suits your business best for more than an affordable price.

There are two packages to choose from.

Package 1

For a low monthly fee, we will migrate your website and all data to a new Magento 2 platform with its default functionalities, Theme migration included. At the same time, we will maintain your Magento 1 website until the new one is ready for use.

Package 2

Regular migration - We can estimate the time and cost of your website’s migration to a new Magento 2 platform with all the necessary customizations - backend custom code, frontend theme, extensions, payment methods, shipping methods, etc.

The process of M1 to M2 migration depends on your business needs, current website size, and website functionalities.

Let our team find a bit more about your company and fill out our questionnaire or simply contact us via our contact form.


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