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Author: Martin Babić, Senior Backend Developer
May 18, 2020
Magento 2 Docker

Developing for Magento 2 has never been… well, more difficult, at least when we compare it with Magento 1.

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Author: Nikola Nikolić, GUI/UI Web Designer
May 08, 2020
Free Design Resources

When designing for a client, you have to take numerous things into account, the most important ones being the client’s wishes and the uniqueness of the design. Every now and then, it happens that you come up with an idea in your head, but the visual concept is lacking.

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Author: Itana Stanojević, Creative Writer
May 01, 2020

Who is MageMojo? If you are an online business owner, you are aware of the importance of a fast-running, perfectly-optimized web store. You are also aware of the fact that Magento is one of the top eCommerce platforms out there, but also one of the more complex ones, especially in terms of maintenance, support, and hosting.

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Author: Neda Milosavljević, Senior Android & iOS Developer
April 22, 2020
Android 10 Real Time Location Updates

Developing an app that delivers real-time precise location updates while the user is not actively using it can be tricky. In addition, you should be careful about device battery, because apps using too much battery power can be suspended by Android itself, or deleted by users.

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Author: Nikola Ilić, DevOps Engineer
April 14, 2020
System Monitoring Solutions

Prometheus and Grafana are today's standards in the world of monitoring solutions. If you need an ideal system monitoring solution for the Linux environment, you should definitely consider installing Prometheus and Grafana with exporters best suited for your environment. For the sake of today's task, we are going to use one of the best-known exporters called Node Exporter.

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Author: Jovan Radenković, Backend Developer
April 03, 2020
Magento 2 Functionalities

Altering Magento 2 functionalities and inserting your changes is a necessity. In this article, we will go over some basic altering methods - Observer, Plugin and Preference/Rewrite in your module and in your theme where you can override .phtml, .css, .xml, and .js files. Starting with the presumption that you know how to make a basic module in Magento 2, let’s begin with the first method. Observer We could use the Observer.

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Author: Maša Milošević, Project Manager
March 26, 2020
SyncIt Group's Athena Search

Why is Search so important for your website? Because it is the most important functionality on your website since it guides the users through the sales funnel directly to the purchase. The users who know exactly what they are looking for can easily enter the product name and get to the product page directly.

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