Frontend Customer Logs

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Frontend Customer Logs


This plugin logs login attempts as well as registration attempts made by customers. If login / registration fails, in backend panel admin can see exactly what went wrong.



Frontend costumer logs is recording login attempts as well as registrations made by customers. If login / registration fails, admin can see what exactly went wrong in their admin panel and assess the issue accordingly. This prevents misuse of website's login feature and helps you respond to costumer complaints regarding their login / registration failure.

  1. View detailed list from Admin panel
  2. If login / registration is unsuccessful, error message will be displayed so Admin will know exactly what went wrong.
  3. Customers ip address is displayed (suitable if person is trying to login with different emails and/or different passwords, potentially harmful)
  4. Customers user agent is displayed (Chrome / Firefox / Opera / Safari etc.)
Customer Experience:
  1. Free LIFETIME extension updates
  2. Free service of reolving module conflicts
  3. Professional installation
*Note: This plugin extends Magento's core controller Mage_Customer_AccountController. Module conflict may appear if you are using other plugin that extends the same controller.